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The Bata Shoe Museum acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage through the Digital Museums of Canada in the creation of the online presentation Boots & Blades: The Story of Canadian Figure Skating.

We are deeply grateful to our partners Skate Canada and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame for their involvement, support and for sharing their archives.

Project Lead

Suzanne Petersen, Collections Manager, Bata Shoe Museum

Creative Producer / Concept

Astra Burka 

Creative, Design and Programming


Research, Content, Transcripts and Copyright

Astra Burka
Suzanne Petersen


Sarah B. Hood
Nishi Bassi
Jean-Pierre Tibi


Alice McMurtry
Astra Burka
Suzanne Petersen

French Translation

Jean-Pierre Tibi


Thalia Stafford

Project Assistants

Madeline Griffin
Julia Ranney
Catharine Solomon
Christine Spenuk 

The Bata Shoe Museum is very pleased to have received the generous support of the following institutional partners and individuals who have generously shared corporate histories, memories and keepsakes for the purposes of this virtual exhibition.

Senior Advisory team:

Joyce Hisey
Carol Pixley
Maria Jelinek
Elizabeth Knebli
Wilf Langevin
Ann Shaw
Yvonne Butorac

Special thanks to:

Byron Allen
Debra Armstrong
Kim Bauer
Shannon Baxter
Hillel Becker
Sandra Bezic
Kurt Browning
Petra Burka
Dick Button
Marcus Christensen
Hugo Chouinard
Greg Collins
Karen Cover
Joshua Green
Marty Henwood
Barbara Jackson
Bill Jackson
Donald Jackson
Carol Heiss
James R. Hines
Julia Holland
Hayes Alan Jenkins
Charlene Jordan
Emery Leger
Karen Magnussen
Mary Ellen McDonald
Raj Misir
Kaetlyn Osmond
Ernest Pryhitka
John Rait
Cheryl Richardson
Debra Rohac
Signe Ronka
Ann Shaw
Peter Sisam
Brad Smith
Janice Smith
Ryan Stevens
Louis Stong
Marijane Stong
Jeff Teitelbaum
Barbara Wagner
David Wilson
Audrey Yardley Jones